SquareDisc FTP Updates

After finding a few security holes on the SquareDisc FTP site and receiving a DMCA Copyright Notification (for some random persons upload), I have now partially re-written the site and added some additional security features.

  • Files without filetypes are blocked
  • Storage filenames now include:
    • Web Server local time (GMT+1) 
    • Clients IP address

I am considering setting a user name and password to view the entire File List, however until I see a real security issue I will leave it as it is for now.


One thought on “SquareDisc FTP Updates

  1. I’m thinking of having an option to automatically create a short url link incase the filename is too long for vent, twitter etc.
    I had made a site that does this – url.squaredisc.com (which needs a revamp!) but it would be nice to be able to just tick a box and it does it automatically

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