Modular Synthesizer

So I’ve decided to delve into the Modular world of Synthesizers. Although it’s blimmin’ expensive hobby I’ve come to the decision that I prefer making non-contemporary musical sounds and the only real way of doing this is with modular synthesizer.
Be aware this stuff can be quite expensive to buy, the Doepfer A-100 Cases themselves are between £400-£500 for the basic sizes going up and over £1k mark for the big stuff.

Hopefully this week I’ll be receiving a Doepfer P9 case, Harvestman English Tear and Analogue Solutions MX61, bunch of blanking plates to keep the bus power boards and electronics safe from the environments and a whole bunch of patch cables.

With this setup I won’t have any additional sound sources but at least I’ll be able to control my MS-20 mini with the correct/modified voltages to keep it in tune for pattern sequences but also the trigger will work correctly. Currently the trigger only works when a trigger signal is sent then released but for musical needs its best to have a trigger start once a trigger signal is started (ie. when you press down on a keyboard and not when you release the key) there is a technical term for this but I’m not sure what it’s called but its annoying, so yea this module will solve this problem.
The MX61 module is just a simple mixer without any attenuators but it provides a positive and negative sum output – this can be used for audio or cv but the negative output is only really useful for cv signals, so I’ll have the choice of running the multiple audios in and then run the sum into the MS-20/Mixer or have multiple LFO’s/EG’s blended together to create bizarre modulation waves.

My current modular designs:
Plan 1 (owning 1 case)
Plan 2a (owning 2 cases)
Plan 2b (owning 2 cases)

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