CS:GO Skins, Crates and Stickers

Since the huge success of TF2 items, it was only a matter of time until Valve brought items to Counter-Strike. If you aware of these then you know that there are some very pricey gems out there, however there are a great amount available at a decent price.
I’ve spent a good few quid on my setup however I refuse to pay anything over £10 and that would have to have StatTrak aswell. Currently I’m only missing a few guns with StatTrak; SSG-08, AWP, M4A4, AK47 and Desert Eagle – hopefully some day the prices will either drop enough to purchase one or I’ll be luckily enough to get one for free in a random crate drop.

Stickers and Name tags are also a new feature to CS:GO although stickers in my opinion are a waste of money, name tags give you the option to either have your own name/message permanently stuck on your gun, so if somebody picks it up they will see this message – I have a few of these but only on guns I use the most as it costs around £1.50 per gun 🙁

If you are interested in revamping your own collection check out http://csgoskins.net/ they have a complete list of all guns, knives and stickers available – you can buy almost of all these from the however as I said above some of these are quite expensive.

Here is list of my current Loadout (shame it doesn't show nametags/stattrak display):

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